Chapter 01
Choosing Communication Methods
FingerTec offers 4 types of communication methods. Choose the preferred methods between FingerTec terminals and TCMS V2
  To configure your FingerTec terminals:
- TCP/IP (LAN) > Set Device ID > Set IP address > Determine Subnet mask and Gateway in terminal > Enable Ethernet.
- RS232 or RS485 > Set Device ID > Set Baudrate in terminal > Enable either RS232 or RS485
- Wireless LAN (WiFi) > Set the WiFi configurations > Enable WiFi
- USB Flash Disk > Set Device ID in terminal, absence of the ID, TCMS would not recognize data you transfer from the USB.
After configuring the preferred method in the terminal, restart terminal to allow settings to take effect
Installing TCMS V2 Software
Where to find the software installer?
- Available in the software CD packaged with the terminal
- Download from or
Important: TCMS can only be installed in Microsoft Windows platform. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, use “Run Administrator” to start the installation process.
Before proceed to installation, make sure that you have all the Product Keys, Activation Codes and Serial Numbers of the product ready.
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