Face Recognition Model
Useful Features for Time Attendance
Scheduled Siren / Bells
Can be set to ring bell/siren at scheduled times (for example schedules to notify employees to check in, go for lunch, change shifts etc.)
Work Codes
Work codes predefined by the administrator can be used to define reason for unusual clocking (for example: emergency leave – code 15, going
to meet client – code 23 etc)
Easy access to software by administrator or authorized person (for example to predefine the work codes, print report etc.)
Extended User ID
Have extended user ID that range from 5-digit to 9-digit depending on model (the longer user ID allows representation of a wider range of
information (for example departments, floors, divisions, dates of enrolment etc.)
Short messages
Allows the publishing of short messages on the screen
- Public message- a message displayed to all users
- Personal message- displayed to selected users when they verify only
These messages can be set to appear for a specified duration and after the predefined date, the message will be automatically deleted from the system.
Useful to convey information to all employees during access and verification (e.g. "Replacement Holiday on Monday", "Happy birthday to Allan" etc).